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Monday, May 26, 2008

Another Perspective

A ground level shot of the gravel road at the Governor's residence with the flower beds to the left.
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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Chevron Fairhavens, Nainital

This is a heritage building built in 1920s for the First World War British Widows.

A few films have also been shot from here like Koi Mil Gaya. For you movie buffs, this is the room where Hritik Roshan stayed while the movie was being shot.

Through the Woods

to the golf course.

Endless Green

and Flowers. Gardens at the Governor's Residence.

Sleepy Head

As this is Shantanu's (शांतनु) idea of a vacation, there are plenty more of these lying around. I am taking requests.

Governor's Residence

This palatial building was built in 1897 by the British as the residence of the Governor of North West Province. It is now used as the official residence of the Governor of Uttaranchal.

Built on the lines of Buckingham Palace, the building is double storied and has 113 rooms. Beauiful architecture with fascinating wooden beams, elephant tusks and old weapons.


Summer of 2008. Armed with my trustee rebel, drove down from Delhi to Nainital in 7 hours. This destination for honeymooners was crowded with hotels mushrooming all over. But there were some saving graces like this vista of the countryside.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Introduction- That sounds like a lame beginning but then that's what I am here, a beginner. A beginner to blogging and the all-consuming passion which has led to this blog. I am of-course talking about photography.
It all started with gift from my brother which has turned out to be the most expensive gift ever. In early 2006 he presented me with a HP photosmart which was the first camera I ever owned. The geek in me was hooked. Soon I was reading up on ISO & aperture and poring over other photoblogs for inspiration. Since then I have purchased a Canon S3 IS ( Oct 2006) and finally succumbed to the lure of a DSLR. I purchased the Canon 450D XSI on 5th May 2008.